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1PS is a success system that is fun and easy to use. It is a diary, planner, vision board, support community, and has over 400 solutions to everyday problems to make your life better

Vision board

You will..

Overcome the feeling you can't succeed Learn to think more positive Feel part of a supportive community Stay on track until you achieve your goals

Never quit on another goal again

If you like many start to chase goals but soon after you lose your way, you need our 1,2,3 approach to success --------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Get excited

Learn how to focus on the rewards of your goal and not the goal itself, so you " Stay on track " until you succeed

2. Build drive and passion

Learn how to create a belief so strong and a vision so inspiring that you " Stay on track " until you succeed

3. Overcome everything

Learn how to overcome everything from relationship problems to procrastination and " Stay on track " until you succeed

Most "want" a great life, but few make the changes needed to make it happen because they do not have a structure to follow

Your own positive place to..

Create a goal that will deliver what you want Learn what you need to do to make it happen Be reminded of what you have to do to succeed Chat and swap inspiration

For people of all ages that

Want to achieve more in their life Have struggled to stay on track Want to take action Like to grow and develop

Scott says

" It does not matter where you start, anyone can achieve an amazing life if they get started and follow a structure "

Who is Scott

Scott built 1PS and knows more than a thing or two about getting people to succeed having trained and inspired thousands of ordinary people to excel as they grew his fitness chains into some of the biggest in the UK. He then went on to coach everyone from students to high-net-worth business people. All this was achieved with less than 3 years of education and growing up in a less favorable situation.

The questions ?

1. Why is it free, what is the catch Our total focus is to get you to take the action needed to achieve everything you want. Once you start doing that if you feel we are helping you, you are able to make a small monthly donation, but there is no obligation 2. What is a PS A PS is short for positive step, which is simply anything you do that makes your life better 3. Why journal your PS By writing down what you, you hold yourself accountable to do what is needed to achieve your goal. And as what you do will appear on your 1PS feed, your support group can see your efforts you will receive support and encouragement. 4. How many PS will it take before I achieve everything I want This depends on how big your goal is and how far away you are from it. But to give you an idea small easy goals usually take around 100 PS and bigger goals can take many thousands. 5. What is a goal A goal is a big achievement that provides a variety of rewards somebody wants. A goal is to lose 2 stones and the rewards might be to look great, fit back into your old clothes, and feel amazing. A goal is to start a business and the rewards might be to earn more money, be responsible to no one but yourself and work when it suits you. 6. Why have I failed to reach my goals in the past Most people fail because they do not have a structure, do not take enough of the right PS ( action ), and think they are working towards the goal instead of focusing on the rewards 7. Why log down the time on each PS One of the biggest reasons people fail is they simply do not put enough time in, by recording your time we can show you what you are actually doing and that will keep you on the right path 8. Why create a vision board We tend to act on what is in front of us or what our biggest thought is. A really great vision board full of all the things you will have once you succeed will help keep what you want at the forefront of your thinking and increase your chance of taking the action you need to achieve it.

A few ways we will help

Know what you want | image
Know what you want

Know what you want

Now that you have a goal that will deliver some exciting rewards it's time to grow that vision to make it so appealing you will be jumping out of bed each day to make it happen. And remember no matter what your past has been you can make your future absolutely amazing as long as you master the foundation PS and you put in the time and effort So spend some time expanding and clarifying your vision of success and then spend even more time thinking about it Learn more
Plan and prioritize | image
Plan and prioritize

Plan and prioritize

To achieve the amazing life you want you must do certain things. Do them and the world will belong to you, don't and not much will change. So make this tab your best friend and master the daily essentials and charge your way to the great life you want Learn more
Think positive | image
Think positive

Think positive

Learn how to control the story in your mind because it is controlling what you think, feel and do. It decides if you believe you will succeed, what emotions you are feeling, the PS you will take, and how happy you will be Learn more
Be inspiring | image
Be inspiring

Be inspiring

Use your words, intellect and kindness to make others want to help and be around you Learn more

Success stories

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Gemma Campbell

Essex, Uk

In the 18 months, I have been using 1PS I have lost 2 stone, placed in a bikini bodybuilding competition, trained to become a Personal Trainer (PT), and now have a thriving PT and Pilates business that I love. It has changed my life and I am so grateful.
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I run large multi-country corporations and have found using 1PS has improved my planning, productivity, and focus. It is, without doubt, the easiest way to implement self-improvement I have found in over 30 years of business. It is now an essential part of my daily life.

Achieve your dreams

At 1PS you will have access to over 400 ideas just like this one as well as a vision board, diary, plan, support group, and everything else you will ever need to achieve your best life. All available on your phone, desktop or tablet 24/7.

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