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Your Pocket Coach is Here

Since the dawn of civilization, every achievement has been created by a series of small steps. So whether you want better health, more money, or a better relationship - small steps will make it happen. The pocket coach will make sure you take them


More productive

I travel a lot and run multiple large companies. And find the planning tool, daily focus system, vision board, journal, and many other tools on 1PS have made me more productive and allowed me to focus on what matters, including my work-life balance.

Marcus, Monaco

Changed My Life

I was one of the first testers at 1PS and In the 18 months, I have been using it I have lost 2 stone, placed in a bikini bodybuilding competition, and now have a thriving PT and Pilates business that I love. It has changed my life and I am so grateful.

Gemma, Uk

Positive & Social

I worked for big tech but was made redundant. 1PS has hundreds of motivating ideas you can actually use that have helped me get back on my feet. It gives me discipline, support and has allowed me to get back on the road to success.

Sandra, California


1. Daily Focus

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We will help you define an overall goal to achieve the results you desire. Then, each morning, you can check into the system and get a badge for reminding yourself what you are working towards.

2. Clarity Planner

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Our innovative diary is designed to prioritize and permanently record your tasks so it becomes effortless to stay focused and make daily strides toward success.

3. 650 Ways to Solve Your Problems

Each Tab opens easy wins that, over time, will create big successes.
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4. Great Support

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Our community offers a supportive environment where everyone helps each other face challenges, from negative thoughts to personal problems. It's a place of encouragement and shared experiences, providing moral support for resilience and growth. Here, you're part of a cheerful group that turns challenges into opportunities for personal development.

5. Roadmap to Success

Few like planning, but our tool makes creating a roadmap to success a Joy that you will want to use every day. It is also integrated with your diary, so you will always know your next step.

6. Digital Vision board

Hero's, Inspiration and Fun on your own personalized vision board
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My next home

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I will always have faith

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The difference a day makes

7. Accountability and someone who has your back

Log your successes, and at the end of the week, we will show you exactly what you have done so you can see your progress. We will help you plan the way forward and stick with you until you succeed.
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Grab it whilst it's Free for 14 Days

  • Free - No CC needed
  • Onboarding: I will teach you via zoom how to use 1PS success platform.
  • Unlock your Clarity Planner That will ensure you know what to do to succeed.
  • Make constant progress with your Digital Diary which prompts you to do what is needed to achieve your goals.
  • Stay focused with your Morning Motivation check-in.
  • Save time with over 650 instant solutions that will allow you to Overcome anything quickly.
  • Stay Inspired with your own digital vision board full of motivational images and videos.
  • Be part of an online community that provides encouragement, chat, and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my data safe?

    Yes. If you set your goal to private only people you select as friends can see your posts. And if you close your account all your goals, ideas and other data will be wiped from our servers for good.
  • Is there a community?

    Yes. You can add friends to your platform or keep it private; it's up to you. If you decide to add friends, you can share videos and achievements or chat.