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Chase Your Dreams 100% Free for 14 Days

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What are your dreams? Are they to get in fantastic shape and jet-set around the world in luxury with your loved ones, or perhaps you want to settle for your dream home and be financially secure and thriving? Maybe you want to excel in your field, relax more, and have a better life/work balance— or, like the little fellow in the image, be the first surfboarding squirrel. Whatever you envision for your life, our platform is here to motivate and guide you until you succeed. So take the first step today and start your journey toward the life you desire, and remember you only get one life, so use it well and don't miss out.

No waving your arms, clapping your hands, or idolizing speakers.

Just real Structure, Motivation and Progress

1. Daily Clarity

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Unlock your true potential with pinpoint clarity. Our platform empowers you to define the life you aspire to lead. Every morning, log in to receive a badge—a daily reminder of your goals, ensuring you stay sharply focused on your path to success

2. All Day Discipline

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Transform your daily routine with the last diary you will ever need. Take command of your day from the start, and as evening sets in, allow our system to guide you in winding down effectively. Rest well, and wake up energized.

3. Plans that work

Navigate your journey with our user-friendly planning tool. It simplifies your decision-making process so you always know what's next. Stay on track effortlessly and move closer to your aspirations with each step.

4. Support that helps

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If you desire, you can immerse yourself in our community dedicated to support and growth. Together, we tackle everything from everyday doubts to significant challenges. It's more than a network—it's a family that will help you thrive.

5.Inspiration 24/7

Craft a vision board that reflects your personal dreams and ambitions. From career milestones to personal wellbeing, let each image inspire you daily and keep you motivated. Envision success and make it your reality
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My next home

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I will always have faith

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The difference a day makes

6. Weekly Accountability

Record your triumphs and learn what is working. Every Monday, your platform will show you what you have achieved and allow you to refine your strategy for the upcoming week. Your success is our business.
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A coach with real experience

I'm Scott, and unlike many experts today, I learned how to inspire others to create incredible change in their lives by building real businesses for over thirty years. But my life wasn't smooth—I grew up in hospitals, missed out on a lot of schooling, had no family, and mixed with all the wrong people. Yet, against all odds, I founded two nationwide companies and built a team of over 1,000 incredible individuals. But my true calling is helping people like you—from beginners to CEOs—become more motivated, confident, and productive as you create the life you have always wanted. Here's the deal: At 1 Positive Step, I don't offer long-winded speeches or sound bites to make you feel good. Instead, I am dedicated to helping you do what you must to achieve the results you desire. I know the difference between what sounds good and what works. I learned it from overcoming my own struggles and coaching others to do the same. 1 positive step is for people eager for meaningful change, those who want to join with like-minded individuals and make a difference in their lives and the world. So, if you are ready for change - Take the first step today and sign up.

100% Free for 14 Days No CC needed

It's So Unfair - Or is it

The phrase " get the unfair advantage " is often heard in coaching, but what does it mean? Well, in most cases, not much. You see, traditional coaching remains pretty much unchanged: someone talks, you listen, and you’re expected to remember what was said when needed. Unfortunately, that rarely happens, so most people usually do not follow through and do not achieve their goals. But 1 Positive Step is different. Very different. We don't just talk at you; we provide an online daily structure tailored to get you to do what is needed so you get what you want And - Our extensive library of coaching materials is crafted into concise, easy-to-follow instructions that you can quickly find, add to your diary, and mark as completed. This means with us, you have daily chores every day until you are living your dream, and everything we do is about getting you to achieve your personal goals. Not upselling you to another course. So if you believe getting the edge means having a complete online platform, structure, and all the tools you will ever need at your fingertips to achieve what you want – backed by a coach who is focused on helping you daily - then we are the real unfair advantage.

Instant Solutions

Sign up today and unlock our huge library of tips and ideas—over 650. No more searching for answers - every answer you need is a quick swipe away
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  • Free - No CC needed
  • Onboarding: I will teach you via zoom how to use 1PS success platform.
  • Unlock your Clarity Planner That will ensure you know what to do to succeed.
  • Make constant progress with your Digital Diary which prompts you to do what is needed to achieve your goals.
  • Stay focused with your Morning Motivation check-in.
  • Save time with over 650 instant solutions that will allow you to Overcome anything quickly.
  • Stay Inspired with your own digital vision board full of motivational images and videos.
  • Be part of an online community that provides encouragement, chat, and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my data safe?

    Yes. If you set your goal to private only people you select as friends can see your posts. And if you close your account all your goals, ideas and other data will be wiped from our servers for good.
  • Is there a community?

    Yes. You can add friends to your platform or keep it private; it's up to you. If you decide to add friends, you can share videos and achievements or chat.