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Become unstoppable !
Create Happiness and Abundance in 2023

THERE IS A SIMPLE SECRET TO CREATING AN AMAZING LIFE IN DIFFICULT TIMES The secret is having a system that provides all you need to stay motivated – a simple structure you can follow each day that gives you the certainty and ability you can find strength and solutions when you need them And we are so sure our system will give you that structure, we are giving you a No obligation 14 days Free membership to test it. So you can see how it can help you achieve the life you want.
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By the end of your 14 days Free..

  • You will have a clear goal that excites you

  • You will know how to defeat all obstacles in your way

  • You will have accountability partners to inspire and support you

  • You will have a personalized online system that will keep you motivated

What do people think

New Job

I was made redundant from my job in big tech and was so scared and felt lost and out of control. 1PS helped me define a new goal and what I had to do to achieve it. And step by step I have got myself back on track, a new job and I am almost back to being my old happy self.

-Marcus, Florida

Life Changing

I was one of the first testers at 1PS and In the 18 months, I have been using it I have lost 2 stones, placed in a bikini bodybuilding competition, and now have a thriving PT and Pilates business that I love. It has totally changed my life and I would be lost without it.

-Janice, California

More Time For ME

I have always been focused on everybody else and it was really getting me down. But with 1PS help, I realized I need to make time for myself which I now do. And if my old destructive beliefs come back I reach for 1PS on my mobile and get them sorted. I am much happier.

-Charlotte, Manchester

What will You Do?

Lose weight, build a better life for your family, Increase your energy, Start a Business, Be more confident, Have financial freedom, Travel the world, or Something else. Whatever you choose our all-in-one success system will give you everything you need to achieve it.
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See Your Future

Whatever your goals, your vision board will host all your favourite images and videos. People, places, music, and anything that inspires you, so you can view them whenever you want and stay Excited About Your Future.
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Superpower Solutions

Feeling down, needing a push, or a way to deal with a difficult situation. We have all the prompts and solutions you need. And there is no searching through books, podcasts, or courses as everything is just a finger swipe away, giving you a superpower over everyone else.
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Powerful Team Support

You will have access to the world's most positive community to share achievements, ideas, and encouragement. And this Real Sense Of Community will help you stay Productive, Motivated, Happy and strong.
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Join our Positive Community & Create a Better Life

Bonus 1. Free Onboarding zoom session. Learn how to use 1PS to ...

  • Create an exciting goal

  • Create an exciting Vision Board

  • Build a support team

  • Create a simple plan that works

  • Learn how to manage your time

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Bonus 2. Free weekly motivational live coaching

  • Review of progress

  • Ways to improve

  • Coming week goals

  • New stuff on 1PS

  • Questions and answers

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And if you want to continue - No obligation

Only $10 a month

Save $90/mo Normally $100/mo

  • Instant solutions: Access to our massive Library of Life solutions
  • Live Coaching: Solve your problems, Grow and have fun with Experienced Coach
  • Find a goal that inspires: We will help you discover what you really want
  • Daily Motivation: Our unique check-in process will get you focused and motivated for the day
  • Achievement album: Happiness is seeing your progress
  • Digital video vision board: Keep all those images and videos that inspire you
  • Support Feed: Be part of a real positive community
  • Digital diary: Always know what to do daily
  • Digital plan: Stay on track to your destination
  • Free upgrades and much much more: We will never try and charge you more and you get all upgrades for free
  • No Risk! 14-Day Trial.
    Cancel Anytime!
  • I WANT 14 days FREE >>

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Positive Step(PS)?

    A PS is a small step you take toward a better life.
  • Can I cancel?

    Yes. You can cancel at any time during the 14-day trial and no payment will be taken from your account. To cancel go to your profile and visit manage subscription or email us at support@1positivestep.com.

    Are there refunds?

    Because we give you 14-days free, there are no refunds after the 14th day.

  • What are some examples of PS?

    One workout, one-time defeating procrastination, one time being confident.
  • How many PS will it take to achieve my dream life?

    That depends on what your goals are, where you are starting from and the time and effort you will put in. But most goals take at least 100 PS and bigger goals can take much more.
  • Is my data safe?

    Yes. If you set your goal to private only people you select as friends can see your posts. And if you close your account all your goals, ideas and other data will be wiped from our servers for good.
  • Is there a community?

    Yes. You can add friends to your platform and share videos, and achievements or just chat, just as you can on Facebook.
  • How does the live coaching work?

    Experienced coach will contact you within 24 hours of you signing up and get you set up on a ZOOM call with him.